The Parchment

The Parchment

November 20, 2009

New Book: Green by Ted Dekker

Followed by the books Black, Red and White, Green begins and ends Dekker’s circle series. Our Hero: Thomas Hunter, common man in modern time, leader of “The Circle” in an alternate future. Our Villians: Ba’al (future) and Billy (modern). Green is an interesting, but sometimes confusing story of good and evil.

With vivid description and multiple characters of interest, Dekker paints a new and frightening world. A bit edgy and disturbing in places, hopeful and encouraging in others. Aside from the battle between good and evil, Green does bring to mind the matter of second chances. Do we all get them? Do we realize it when we do? Do we make the same mistakes?

While I think that Green may wrap this series up well, this was my first acquaintance with Ted Dekker's work. By default, Green represented the beginning of the circle for me. Unfortunately, I think this was the wrong choice. Apparently so much had gone before, that I was unable to get an accurate picture and found myself confused at points. In Lord of the Rings style, there were new terms to learn and a new world to understand. Mixed in were chapters and references to a time in the not too distant future. In order to really appreciate Green, it seems beneficial to read it as a conclusion. It does seem that this book could begin the series again, just reads as an awkward first time beginning. IMHO.