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The Parchment

January 21, 2010

Plain Pursuit by Beth Wiseman

Plain Pursuit tells the story of Carley Marek, a young woman healing from the grief, pain and mental stress of a car accident that stole her mother's life. Carley spends a month of mandatory vacation by going to visit with Englischer turned Amish friend Lillian (whose story is told in Wiseman's Plain Perfect).

The tale that unfolds from there is an enlightening, heartwarming tale of a Noah Stoltzfus who followed the call of God to become a Doctor and the shunning that ensued. Wrapped up in the tale of his rejection are the conflicting emotions of his immediate family and the illness of a nephew he has never been allowed to meet.
Wiseman does a beautiful job of going beyond the conventional Englisch perception of an Amish shunning. The reader comes away with a better understanding of the faith and community which exemplify the Amish way of life.

It was nice to pick up a book billed as Amish fiction and find a contemporary story that doesn’t focus on the long lost daughter of the one who was shunned. Likewise, Wiseman’s story was a nice departure from the predictable. I look forward to finding out if the rest of the Daughters of Promise series exhibit a similar style and feeling. Well done.

January 13, 2010