The Parchment

The Parchment

June 15, 2010

Let's GO!

Wow. It's been awhile since I posted. April and May combined into one giant whirlwind that swept me away for a little while. Being dropped back down into normal life has left me a little disoriented, but, as we said over and over again last week in VBS, "Let's GO!"

Work has changed, VBS is over and now I'm saying, "Let's GO... to Panama!" I have been selected to go on a mission trip to take medical care and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the native people of Kuna Yala, Panama. We leave this weekend for 9 days of intense ministry. You can read a preview of the trip at The Substance of Things Hoped For. Also available here is a report of last year's trip to the islands of Kuna Yala. Thanks Becky!

No more for now, but a I'll do what I can to update you on our return.

God Bless!