The Parchment

The Parchment

August 5, 2009

The best laid plans...

Vacation is half way over. So sad.

On the other hand, it's been INCREDIBLE so far. There are plenty of stories.

Tonight, we tried to make a trek to Busch Gardens for a couple hours of shows, rides, etc.

Sounds like fun, right?

It would have been great.

Except for a couple of things.

We walked all the way to the boat landing, hoping for a river cruise.

It closed 30 minutes before we got there.

We tried to ride the skyline to the other side of the park.

It closed due to an approaching storm.

We tried to go to FestHaus for the German oompa-loompa show.

The last one had already played.

So, one ride on the carousel and 30 minutes in the Land of Dragons later, soft drinks in hand, we were trying to beat the afore mentioned storm out of the park.

Question of the day: When a storm is approaching and you hear an announcement about "inclement weather" coupled with instructions to "seek shelter," how do you react?

A) Walk calmly to the nearest exit, hoping to make it to your car before the bottom falls out.

B) Run quickly to the nearest building and wait it out.

C) PANIC! Run! Where's the car? Who has the keys?

We chose option A. Sadly, the majority of people in the park were caught up in option C. Really people? It's a little rain. Pretty sure none of you will melt.

That being said, we fought to stay upright in the tide of humanity rushing to the exits and shelter. And finally made it to the car. Were we a little wet? Sure. A little cold? You bet.

But all in all, nothing a little hot chocolate and a warm blanket couldn't cure.

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