The Parchment

The Parchment

December 21, 2010

"If the Grinch came and stole your Christmas presents...

...and they were about to go over the side of the mountain, what would be in your box?"  With a huge sigh, 5 year old Moomala answered, "Clothes." Her 8 year old sister agreed, "Yeah, probably clothes." 

The 9 year old of the group was certain that the answer was "video games." His preteen sister went with "a book."  (That's my kind of Christmas present!)

So began last Friday evening, a night filled with laughter and silliness. Watching the old school version of the Dr. Suess classic and eating a pre-light viewing roasted marshmallow, Becky, Moo, Boo, J.Eg, C.Eg and I were soon joined by Ashley and her clan. 

Piling into the cars we made our way throught brightly lit neighborhoods to the local Festival of Lights.
Our rules for the evening: 
     ~ If you're the first to see a decorated yard or house, yell out the code word* so that we can all look.
     ~Be on the look out for your favorite light display so that it can be properly recognized. 

Simple enough and oh, so fun!

Amid much singing**, yelling of the code word and teasing about mistletoe, we made our way through the lights.   Parking under the "Star of Bethlehem" we got out to wander through "winterland" and to see the wonders of the park lit for Christmas.  It was on our way back to the car (thank goodness we had the star to guide us!) that we discovered the light show.  Set to TransSiberian Orchestra's version of "Carol of the Bells," a beautiful display kept us enraptured.  With near unanimous agreement, we gave a formal presentation to the light show as our favorite display.  The one dissenter gave her vote to the Peacock, a worthy light display.

Returning to la casa de la noche, we indulged in s'mores, hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, Polar Express and attempted bribery (of the cat that is).  Could this be a new tradtion? We'll find out next year!

Ashley's video of the light show was interrupted by voices in the background, so this isn't the one that wond the award. Still in all, a beautiful song and a beautiful light show. Enjoy!

* I'm not going to share the code word with the world. But if you happen to guess it, I'll tell you if you're right.

** Who knew that 4 kids under the age of 12 could out do 2 grown women when it came to singing Christmas Carols?  They knew all of the verses to the 12 Days of Christmas and could sing them fast. Becky and I kept joining in around 8 maids a milking...

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