The Parchment

The Parchment

December 31, 2010

"Many Happy Returns!"

So, this isn't originally a new year's wish.  It is in fact, a birthday wish from young maid Becky to the sadly misplaced Sara in Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess.*

However, I've decided that this will be my 2011 greeting for you all. May you have many more years to greet.  May they always begin with love, joy and faith. May they be filled to overflowing with every good and perfect gift.  May all of your steps be ordered by God.  May you be blessed beyond measure in every facet of your life.

Many Happy Returns!

*PS-If you've never read A Little Princess, I recommend you run out and buy, borrow or download a copy ASAP.  It's a beautiful work. 

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